Therapeutic Approaches

The Three Therapeutic Approaches Brendan Uses

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a cutting-edge psychotherapy developed by the eminent psychologist Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE. CFT is particularly helpful to people who struggle with significant self-criticism and shame. It aims to enhance warm, accepting, and positive feelings towards the self and others in order to feel resilient and better able to cope in a world that can seem overwhelming and critical. Research shows that kindness and compassion are therapeutically beneficial to healing shame, depression, anxiety, and self-defeating thinking and feelings from the impact of trauma. There is evidence that compassionate thinking, reasoning, and imagery causes parts of the brain to grow related to thinking, decision-making, emotional self-management, and relationships.

Integrative Counselling Therapy

An Integrative approach to counselling or psychotherapy recognizes that diverse people have different emotional and psychological needs. It avoids a singular approach, but rather brings together a range of different therapeutic approaches to address an individual patients needs. Using an holistic approach to human development, an integrative counsellor or psychotherapist adapts psychological interventions to address the specific challenges, problems, or coping difficulties that can impact people in their everyday lives. By drawing upon evidence-based therapeutic techniques and insights from various schools of therapy (such as psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive behavioural, compassion focused, transpersonal, etc.) integrative therapy becomes a malleable and tailored approach to finding solutions to the many problems people face.

Couples Therapy

Couples can inadvertently fall into unhelpful patterns of relating that can become stuck and difficult to change. Life crises such as bereavement, illness, unemployment, an affair, financial concerns, sexual difficulties, and many other issues can contribute to challenges in relationships. Through a combination of approaches rooted in systemic practice, compassion focused therapy (CFT) and integrative therapy, Brendan can help couples to talk openely about their struggles and find ways to support the rebuilding of trust and achieve better communication patterns.