The Ecological Issue

I want to start a conversation about humanity recognising our equal belovedness and co-creativity in transforming this world. I believe human beings of good will are conduits of the ever generative gift of divine tenderness, love, grace, mercy and re-creation. As we face the consequences of our exploitation of the earth what is becoming very clear to us, is that time is short if we are going to survive and thrive as a species. Organisations such as Extinction Rebellion know this very well. The word apocalypse means the reveal, to make known what is hidden. Nature is revealing to us what what have done and are continuing to do the Earth. We are living in an age of apocalypse. At the level of cause and effect our destructive intentions and harmful actions have become living consequences. Therefore we must respond. The depths of our inherent goodness and wholeness now need to become manifest in collective consciousness. This starts with you and I. Therefore, the journey to the heart, into our true nature as beings filled with divinity – the path of the mystic and the prophet – is crucial if we are to prevent irreversible ecocide.

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