Creation or Miscreation? We Can Make a Difference

The mind and heart and their intention and actions are linked to the universal laws of energy and cause and effect. 
The Earth is alive just like all plant, animal and human life is alive. It feels pain and suffers like we do. It becomes sick as we do. It is also a self regulating system that will adjust to survive as do our own immune systems. The universe works according to laws that are self regulating. Quantum laws as we know them through science are only a fractional understanding of the universal flow of cause and effect. At the level of cause and effect our destructive intentions and harmful actions become living energy. They are passed on generationally and take root in the substance of creation itself. This energy does not dissipate but accumulates. The wisdom teacher Plato describes how the the hubris, cruelty and injustices of the Atlanteans came back to them and brought about their eventual demise. Whether literal or metaphor, the story holds truth. Our actions and intentions create our suffering. The sufferings we create come from within us, and not from outside of us. Our weather and climate anomalies are not coming from God or some external power but from our destructive actions and miscreative energy. Remember that the Earth as a self-regulating system will not tolerate our miscreation forever. Our miscreations emerge from what Thomas Merton calls, the false self; the self that believes that it exists separate from its Source. The medical intuitive Caroline Myss interestingly describes miscreative energy as psychic free radicals that simply do not just go away but requires us to dissipate them. These psychic free radicals -our miscreations- are for Myss, the living aftereffects of our hateful emotions and destructive actions. She goes on to say that these psychic free radicals are often cleaned up by a minority of certain deeply graced souls -the great mystics- whose prayers and sufferings when when directed into creation with love create a powerful universal force. First and foremost, suffering is never, ever, willed by God. However, the mystic, scientist and Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin said that suffering can be transformed into energy to change harmful trajectories. Teilhard de Chardin said that when a sick person has tried everything possible to alleviate their own suffering, whether mental of physical, the energy of their suffering can be directed towards some global cause to change it. He believed suffering in some way generated energy that can be directed by love to heal.
Our acts of compassion, kindness and love; our work for justice, both social and ecological, and crucially, so crucially, the mystic journey of prayer from the heart, united to our Divine Source, mitigates the harm through miscreating. When we use our consciousness and gifts to give life not destroy it, we undo miscreation. Dr Larry Dossey, MD in his experiments of the power of prayer and healing intention, found that prayer impacts on the external world powerfully. The Transcendental Meditation studies undertaken in Washington DC, Liverpool in the UK and other cities, done in collaboration with the police, found that violent crime reduced by 49% when meditators’ undertook group meditations in the crime areas. In 1985 scientist Boguslaw Lipinski, PhD travelled to the sacred place, Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegovina bringing with him a scientific instrument called a Biotech BT-400 Electroscope. This is a nuclear radiation detector. It measures electrically charged air ions and ionizing radiation. Boguslaw describes how, during community prayer time the instrument detected radioactivity to such a massive level that the visionaries and people in St James Church should have been dead from radioactive poisoning. Of course the energy registered on his instrument detected a different form of energy from nuclear radiation. The intensely high readings were clearly linked to community prayer- and the energy these released. This was repeated on six different occasions with the same results. Prayer and intention are linked to the laws of energy. 
In Christian belief Jesus’ death on the Cross did not pacify an angry deity but offered humanity the transformation of the energies of hatred and separation in the outpouring of his love in vulnerability to our projected hatred and violence. The grace offered in his death is not the placating of divine anger but the placating of our hatred, shame, guilt and projection of hatred. When we look upon the bleeding body of Jesus we do not see Gods justice but our own violence. When we embrace his love we change our hearts. When we embrace the false ego self, we miscreate. In embracing his teachings and discovering the Divine presence in our hearts we change the harmful causes that would destroy us. Jesus said that faith and love are the very gifts that can proverbially move mountains. What is important to remember, however is that mystic power is not separate from the planet or the laws that govern it. Creation or miscreation is always a choice we make at every moment of the day. 
Our world needs our love, compassion and acts of forgiveness. Divine Love is especially today inviting us to this beautiful state of consciousness. The Beatitudes of Jesus are a particular gateway into this divine state of the heart. Beatitudes are not commandments or laws but a way of transformation. The Upanishads and the Buddhist Sutras lead us in this direction of divine love too. They emerge from the wisdom of divine grace from the time before Jesus. Julienne McLean Jungian psychologist and writer on spirituality references the idea that there is a sense in which we are embarking upon a new era of the Holy Spirit, that will integrate our spiritual and psychological depths in order to help change our experience of ourselves and others through grace. The great Theologian Karl Rahner spoke about the spiritual person of the future needing to be a mystic or not at all, suggesting a sense of urgency to  experience Divinity and not just know ideas about God. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin importantly reveals in his work that human evolution is directed towards Christ, our Omega Point- which is the fulfillment point of time and creation. Teilhard refers to our consciousness being in an upward movement towards transformation in the Cosmic Christ. 
The most negative of states of consciousness are hatred, indifference and hubris. These states of consciousness miscreate and produce destructive energy which accumulates. Blessed are the peacemakers, the pure of heart, those who know their own soul, they do see God. They see God in others and in themselves. They are incapable of miscreation. They undo miscreations with the power of love.
The elements of the cosmos are not separated from our states of consciousness and our actions. Laws of cause and effect sit at the heart of what we do. The deaths of migrants in the oceans, the millions who die of hunger and driven from their homes and countries and the consumption and greed that destroys our environment, but also our individual lives, are all miscreating. The energy from these ways of living are now gaining traction. 
Persevere in the spiritual life – It is more powerful than you can imagine

Let us embrace love, compassion, peace, non-judgement, fraternity, hope and good will. We will be the cause of creation and the undoing of miscreation

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