What would they say?

I have been wondering if there were a gathering of some of the wisest, most courageous and compassionate luminaries of our recent history, reflecting on the ways of our so-called western civilisation, what might they be saying to us? What would be their observations? If Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Edith Stein, Teilhard de Chardin, Trevor Huddleston, Maya Angelou and a few others were to contribute to such a reflective discussion, how might they guide us?

I wonder if Merton would say something about the idolatry of the false self driven by fallible human ideology trying to fill the God shaped hole in our soul with false reasoning? I wonder if he would admonish us to stop and take time to listen to the divine guidance deep within our hearts?

I wonder if Dorothy Day might see the egotism of power and position being an avoidance tactic to defer looking at the image of God present in the disenfranchised and disposable ones?

I wonder if MLK would observe the manner in which our dominant social systems prefer control through separation rather than examining the forces of suspicion, mistrust and fear deep within us that are not brought into the light of divine consciousness for transformation?

I wonder if Edith Stein would see our intellectual dishonesty in our politics and economics as deadly to all life, and remind us to see the humanity of those whom we fear and reject? I wonder if she would invite us into the genuine experience of human love and human connection to dissolve the base projections of fear and hatred? I wonder if she would see ideology as being a defence against true empathy?

I wonder if Teilhard would recognise our resistance to spiritual and conscious evolution as our internal saboteur at work, afraid of true change of heart through yielding control to the power of cosmic divine love present in all creation? Would he say that in yielding to cosmic love we might save the Earth?

I wonder if Trevor Huddleston would call us out on our injustice and systemic violence towards immigrants as resistance to experiencing the depth of our vulnerability?

I wonder if Maya Angelou would read her poetry and sing to us of a better way, a better world and a more heartfelt encounter with each other in love and vulnerability? We do fear our experience of vulnerability. We prefer to fill the space of vulnerability with stories of power, success and invulnerability … when really what we often want to do is melt into the heart of gentleness and the embrace of safety and warmth ❤️🙏

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