Holy Spirit of Creation Save Us

  Dear Holy Spirit of Creation save us   Draw forth your limitless loving energy from deep within us, body and soul. Bring forth into creative activity, your very Self embedded deep within us, in the substance of our humanity.   Also dear Paraclete draw towards us from the Universe all the help we need […]

Intercessory Prayer and Nonduality🙏

Prayer is an invitation to consciously bring the attention of our heart ❤️ into the presence of God who is always within us, in every heartbeat. In silence, we can hold within this heart, all humanity, which includes the needs and suffering of our loved ones. The heart can hold all humanity and all Creation […]

The Ecological Issue

I want to start a conversation about humanity recognising our equal belovedness and co-creativity in transforming this world. I believe human beings of good will are conduits of the ever generative gift of divine tenderness, love, grace, mercy and re-creation. As we face the consequences of our exploitation of the earth what is becoming very […]

What would they say?

I have been wondering if there were a gathering of some of the wisest, most courageous and compassionate luminaries of our recent history, reflecting on the ways of our so-called western civilisation, what might they be saying to us? What would be their observations? If Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Edith Stein, Teilhard […]

Creation or Miscreation? We Can Make a Difference

  The mind and heart and their intention and actions are linked to the universal laws of energy and cause and effect.      The Earth is alive just like all plant, animal and human life is alive. It feels pain and suffers like we do. It becomes sick as we do. It is also […]

You are one with the Vast Heart of the Universe

  The Vast beating Heart of Divine Love, pulsating, cascading, infusing, generating, illuminating, energizing, beautifying and encompassing everything, but beyond everything, is more than our tiny imagination and intellect can conceptualize. The Vast Heart is within you. The only truth. This Truth is beyond dogma, theology and human thinking. This truth is omnipresent, transcendent, immanent […]

The Magnificent Terrain of Your Heart

A metaphor I often use to describe consciousness is that of a country, a city or a terrain. The condition of any of these lands may be luminous, a pleasure to behold, warm, comfortable and inviting. They might also be grey, wild, stormy and unpredictable. These places can be inhabited by friendly people, beautiful wildlife, […]

The Witness: Communicating Divine Presence

Hanging on my bedroom wall is a small painting of the lunar surface. It was created for me by a palliative care patient with whom I worked about 10 years ago. He gave it to me as a gift of gratitude for the therapeutic relationship that we had created together to support him on his […]